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NLP World Volume 7 (2000)



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Volume 7 No 1 March 2000


Margot Hamblett and Richard Bolstad, Developing NLP-based Treatment Programs for Fast Resolution of Psychological Trauma

Lucas Derks, NLPeace Talks: the social panorama in negotiations

Henry Roux de Bézieux, Peace, Love and Computers: a step outside NLP’s epistemology

Mark McKergow, NLP, Science and Intersubjectivity

Patrick E. Merlevede, The Story of David
        On David Gordon

F Clayton Miller and Randy Deere, Meta-progams in Sports: the profiles of two college baseball teams

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

Rubin Battino & Thomas L South, Ericksonian Approaches (Barry Winbolt)
Doc Childre & Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution (Patrick Merelevede)
Ted Garratt, Sporting Excellence (Jeffrey Hodges)
Michael Hall, The Structure of Excellence (Armand Kruger)
Sheila Ritchie & Peter Martin, Motivation Management (Hamish Somerville)

Volume 7 No 2 July 2000


Margot Hamblett and Richard Bolstad, Healing Cancer: NLP Meets Chi Kung (Part 1)

Lucas Derks and John D Sinclair, Expanding the Neuro in NLP

Gordana Vitaliano, A New Integrative Model for States of Consciousness

Joseph O’Connor reports on the International NLP Congress at Helsinki, Finland, 8–11 June 2000

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

Carol Harris, NLP: an introductory guide to the art and science of excellence (Jacky Walker)
Dixie Elise Hickman and Sid Jacobson, The POWER Process: an NLP approach to writing (Peter Wrycza)
David Katan, Translating Cultures: an introduction for translators, interpreters and mediators (Mario Rinvolucri)

Volume 7 No 3 November 2000


Margot Hamblett and Richard Bolstad, Healing Cancer: NLP Meets Chi Kung (Part 2)

Michael L Hall, The Texturing of States

Eric Robbie, The Ordering Principle of the Meta States of NLP

Lucas A C Derks, Butterflies in a Box
        On the disadvantages of NLP being called ‘NLP’

Jeffrey Hodges, Clients Bring with them What they Need

Peter Goodliffe, An Introduction to EFT

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

Peter Lambrou and George Pratt, Instant Emotional Healing: Acupressure for the Emotions (Peter Goodliffe)
James Lawley & Penny Tomkins, Metaphors in Mind: transformation through symbolic modelling (Bob Janes)
Jane Revell and Susan Norman, Handing Over: NLP-based activities for language learning (Brad Deacon and Tim Murphey)

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