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NLP World Volume 4 (1997)



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Volume 4 No 1 March 1997


Greg Dean, The NLP of Comedy: the structure of jokes

Lucas A C Derks, Family Systems in the Social Panorama

Chris and Jules Collingwood, interview Dr John Grinder

Michael Hall, Synthesizing Generalizations

Michael A Kearsley, The Case for Describing Reality: exploring aspects of mental imagery

NLP Abstracts

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

Michael L Hall, Meta-States and Dragon Slaying (Peter Wrycza)
Robert Dilts, Visionary Leadership Skills (Jacky Walker)
Ernest L Rossi, The Symptom Path to Enlightenment (Peter Wrcza)
Peter Wrycza, Living Awareness (Jacky Walker)

Volume 4 No 2 July 1997


Richard Bolstad, Beyond the Disease Model to Healing

L Michael Hall, The Dis-identification Pattern of Roberto Assagioli

Michael A Kearsley, The Case for Changing Reality: Exploring aspects of mental imagery

Tim Murphey, Have You Realized Yet What Trance You Are in Right Now?

Joseph O’Connor, TOTEs, TOTs and TOEs

NLP Abstracts

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

The writings of Ken Wilber (Brian Van der Horst)
Harry Alder, NLP for Managers (Graham Dawes)
Ian McDermott and Joseph O'Connor, Practical NLP for Managers (Graham Dawes)
Ron Cartey, Inspirational Training (Mark Mckergow)
Sally Dimmick, Success Communication through NLP: a trainer's guide (Mark Mckergow)
Di Kemp, The Excellent Trainer: putting NLP to work (Mark Mckergow)
O’Connor and McDermott’s audio cassette, Introduction to NLP (Jacky Walker)

Volume 4 No 3 November 1997


Richard Bolstad, William James: Father of Psychology, Grandfather of NLP

Michael Hall, Would Alfred Adler Have Liked NLP?

Peter Wrycza, Antoine de La Garanderie: Pioneer Modeller of the Learning Process. Part I: Background and Mind Management
        Part II appeared in the following issue, Vol.5 No 1 (March 1998)

Wolfgang Bernard, Original Belief

Joseph O’Connor, The NLP Community Leadership Project

NLP Abstracts

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

John J Emerick, (Jr), Be the Person You Want to Be (Jacky Walker)
Alex Howard, A Self-Help Course in Problem Solving (Mark McKergow)
Sid Jacobson, Solution States (Mark McKergow)

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