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NLP World Volume 6 (1999)



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Volume 6 No 1 March 1999


Richard Bolstad and Margot Hamblett, Visual Digital: Modality of the Future?

Klaus Grochowiak, The ‘Big Misunderstanding’: ‘Logical Levels’ and their Consequences

Talal Al Rubaie, NLP Therapy of Sex and Relationship Problems

Wyatt Woodsmall, ‘Logical Levels’ and systemic NLP

NLP Abstracts

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

Jeffrey Hodges, Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings (Roger Blumenthal)
Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward Biedermann, Organizing Genius: the secrets of creative collaboration (Bob Janes)

Volume 6 No 2 July 1999


Richard Bolstad and Margot Hamblett, Chaos and Order in Teaching NLP

John J Emerick, Jr, What is NLP? A very important question

L Michael Hall, The Surprising Meta-Level of Metaphors

Armand Kruger, I Love Your Criterial Equivalences

Patrick E Merlevede, The Power of Less: an interview with Robert Dilts

NLP Abstracts

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

Sue Knight, NLP Solutions (Mark Mckergow)
Peter Gerrikens, The Feedback Game (Jacky Walker)
J. B. Martin, Life Levels (audio tape set) (Jacky Walker)

Volume 6 No 3 November 1999


Ronnie Amsler, An Interview with Richard Bandler

Richard Bolstad and Margot Hamblett, Transforming Conflict in Training

Jaap Hollander, NLP and Science: Six recommendations for a better relationship

Patrick E. Merlevede, Competence Management: Opportunities for NLP in HRM

Reviews (reviewers in brackets)

Harry Alder and Beryl Heather, NLP in 21 Days (Mark McKergow)
Roy Johnson and John Eaton, Business Applications of NLP (Mark Mckergow)
Martin Roberts, Change Management Excellence (Patrick Merlevede)

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