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the intercultural journal

on the theory and practice

of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Welcome to this home page of NLP World, which the Letterworth Press published every four months between March 1994 (volume 1, issue 1) and November 2001 (volume 8, issue 3), a total of 24 issues. At that point the journal was taken over and relaunched as NLP-World Magazine.
NLP World
contained some of the best articles of the time on NLP. The topics covered included:
  • theoretical underpinnings, methodology and practice;
  • new developments and applications in education, business, and therapy;
  • book reviews by trainers and experienced practitioners;
  • abstracts of articles in other NLP periodicals.

Individual issues ranged in size from 80 to 96 pages, with only two or three pages of advertisements at most. The Letterworth Press prided itself on the quality of this publication.
All issues remain available both on paper and as pdf files; prices and contents with details of how to order them are here. You can view the first page of most articles (as a pdf file) by clicking on the author’s name.

There is a page of feedback from readers, and below are links to other NLP sites.

NLP World had an international advisory board and was edited by
G. Peter Winnington, 2 Chemin du Coll├Ęge, 1453 MAUBORGET, Switzerland.
For information on the editor, see editions of Who’s Who in the World since 1998;
his home page is here.

For the current publication go to the new NLP-World Magazine site.
Some other relevant NLP sites:
The Centre for Symbolic Modelling (the Association for
NLP in the UK)
NLP Works (in Canada)
NLP Connections and for business
each of which will send you to many other sites. Happy browsing!