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What readers thought of NLP World

First of all, here are some UNSOLICITED quotes, mostly received with subscription renewals (and in more or less chronological order):

Very lively, thought-provoking and wide-ranging. Congratulations! (DW, therapist, Switzerland)

An excellent publication. The articles are thoughtful and well written. (JW, therapist, England)

I enjoyed the March issue very much. We in NLP need a well-written, professional international journal like this. (GP, USA)

Thank you for NLP World! This is exactly what I had been waiting for and almost given up expecting. In times when everybody is advertising for unlimited power, this is a more than welcome counter-balance. Thanks also for the fine language, which always puts the finger where it hurts, but without ever being destructive. I wish I could write like that. (TK, seminar leader, Germany)

A very clean production – congratulations! (BW, co-editor, The Therapist)

Congratulations on a superb first issue! (JM, England). And the same person, two years later: Thanks for the excellent work you are doing in producing a really much-needed and high-quality journal.

Thank you for venturing forth with this new journal. It is a great additional resource within the NLP world community. (JM, PhD, USA)

I would like to congratulate you on what is proving to be a valuable journal, meticulously produced and a pleasure to read. (EB, Canada)

I have a particular affection for the “package” of NLP World: compact, nice design, clean, crisp. (NZ, USA)

I’m very pleased with your publication – a high standard of useful articles. (NW, Scotland)

You’re doing a great job. We really appreciate the journal you have created. (NLP training institute, USA)

I congratulate you on an altogether excellent magazine which will provide me with much food for thought and action. (MF, GB) 

In reading through the current issue (3:3) I noticed how sharp, clean, and varied it reads – an attractor pole for diversity and quality in NLP in Europe! (LV, France)

You have achieved a high standard of professional presentation with NLP World, and I congratulate you (AB, Denmark).  

I really enjoyed the November issue (3:3) a lot! (LD, Holland)

Thank you for providing a truly great journal. (SV, USA)  

Keep up the good work. NLP World is a vital component to the status of the field. (CT, England)

I think NLP World is getting better and better. Keep up the great work! (SRC, Canada)

Thanks for the excellent work you are doing in producing a really much-needed and high-quality journal. (TB, England)  

NLP World is the most interesting and scholarly journal in the field of NLP and psychology. The only journal I read from cover to cover. (TAR, England)

NLP World is a professionally done publication. The abstracts are invaluable for research, and the articles are in depth and leading edge. (RB, New Zealand)

I have been very surprised how interesting and informative NLP World is. (LT, Finland)  

The quality of articles in NLP World started high from the first issue, and somehow manages to continue getting better and better! (PT, England)

I am very impressed with the quality of your journal. (NLP trainer, England) 

The quality of the content of your journal is most excellent. (MC, England)  

NLP World fulfils a most admirable mission . . . a mission that no other individual on this planet has stepped up to, or has had the vision and energy to initiate. (JS, NLP author and business adviser, USA)  

By far the best NLP magazine all over the globe! (WW, Germany)

I love the journal, love its format and quality. (PB, Australia)

NLP World does a difficult job very well. (JB, England)

For your information, NLP World was typeset in Cheltenham, 10 on 13 point, with Lucida Sans for titles and headings. The trim size of 23.5 cm (9 inches) high by 16 cm (6.3 inches) wide allowed generous margins for personal annotation. It was printed on library-quality paper (containing a high proportion of recycled paper) and, unlike paperback books and most journals, the pages were sewn in as well as glued, so they will not fall out, no matter how often you open the journal.

Compare a copy of NLP World with any other periodical and
you’ll at once see – and feel – the difference!

A reader, KH, wrote recently from Australia, “I think that NLP World is an inexpensive journal given its high quality.”

Another, CH of New York, writes: “I absolutely love your magazine NLP World and cannot begin to tell you how resourceful it is. It is very well put together and the articles are obviously carefully selected. I particularly like the journal form you choose to bind it in as well. It makes for great storage and referencing.”  

A review of Vol 3, No 2 (July 1996) appeared (in French) in Métaphore (Paris), October 96: after summarizing the articles, it concluded that it was a “most interesting summer issue”. A similarly positive report appeared a year later.

Now for some SOLICITED responses. In 1998, subscribers were asked,
“What do you like best about NLP World?
(Sorted by country of origin)
  • The reviews (JM, Australia)
  • Articles: new findings and different perspectives (PB, Australia)
  • The quality of the articles (MBHA, Brazil)
  • Articles about applications: learning difficulties, NLP in higher education, psychotherapy (GT, England)
  • The cartoons (BA, England)
  • Intellectual depth (JP, England)
  • Good quality articles. Keep up the good work (GZ, Hongkong)
  • The seriousness of the articles, the level of research behind them, and the bibliographies (DK, Italy)
  • It’s serious – without the usual omnipotent claims! (GF, Italy)
  • The depth of the articles (AM, The Netherlands)
  • You are doing an excellent job . . . a noble endeavor. What I like best is the excellence in writing. I also like knowing about the latest NLP books in my field (ES, USA)
  • Applications in different models of the world (KM, USA)
  • Nice variety and excellent articles. Good print. Easy to carry around (GD, USA)
  • Worthwhile, well-written articles (JC, USA)
  • The quality of the articles: keep it up! (HM, Scotland)
  • Its breadth of coverage (JF, Spain)
  • Articles by Peter Wrycza (AL, Switzerland)

NLP World
the top quality journal for thoughtful practitioners of NLP!