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NLP World Volume 1 (1994)



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Volume 1 No 1 March 1994


Jan Ardui and Peter Wrycza, NLP Presuppositions Revisited

Eileen Seymour & Clive Digby-Jones, The Structure of Excellence
Most people are either looking for themselves or attempting to realize more if not all of their 'potential', becoming the excellence they know they can be, and in NLP we know there is a supporting structure behind both dis-ease and excellence. Here we present the universal structures supporting each and how to make the shift from one to the other, illustrated with case material.
Jay W Spechler, The Role of NLP in Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Reengineering (BPE) is a tool used to improve work activities across the various departments of an institution or company. NLP presuppositions and principles can play a significant role in helping organizations achieve superior, more effective reengineering results. Successful implementation of BPE is accomplished by following six steps while integrating NLP techniques and presuppositions throughout the process: create an organization structure to facilitate and direct the BPE effort; benchmark the process; map the process; specify key performance measures; implement opportunties for improvement; and conduct an ecology check. Applications of NLP to BPE have resulted in reduced operating costs, increased productivity, improved product and service quality, and enhanced customer and employee satisfaction.
Dorota Zdzienski, The Interaction between Specific Learning Difficulties and NLP Techniques

Reviews (reviewer in brackets)

Varela, Thompson & Rosch: The Embodied Mind (Brian van der Horst)
Joseph Sinclair: An ABC of NLP (Keith V Trickey


Volume 1 No 2 July 1994


Jan Ardui and Peter Wrycza, Unravelling Perceptual Positions

Mel Slater and Martin Usoh, NLP and Virtual Reality

Tad James, Time Line Therapy Techniques

James Lawley, The Road to Recognition: Psychotherapy and Counselling in Britain
How the Association for NLP in the UK has achieved registration of NLP Psychotherapists with the UK Council for Psychotherapy. Describes the role and relationship of both organizations along with the process and criteria for validating NLP Psychotherapists. Attributes the success of the Association in gaining recognition to the rigour of its procedures and the behavioral flexibility of its delegates.

Peter Schütz, NLP Training in Austria: a structured approach to professional NLP training using video-based peer-group reviews

Reviews (reviewer in brackets)

Connirae and Tamara Andreas: Core Transformation: reaching the wellspring within (Peter Wrycza)
Stephen R Covey: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Mark McKergow)


Volume 1 No 3 November 1994


Martyn Carruthers, Thoughtforms

Jane Mathison, Introducing NLP into Higher Education

Brian Van der Horst, An NLPrimer on Spirituality

Peter Wrycza, Self-questions

Reviews (reviewer in brackets)

Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct: how the mind creates language (Ian McDermott and Joseph O'Connor)
Martin Seligman: What You Can Change and What you Can't (Jacky Walker)
Anné Linden and Murry Spalding: The Enneagram and NLP (Mark Mckergow)
Cassette review:
Shelle Rose Charvet: Understanding and Triggering Motivation: The LAB Profile (Stephen Robbins)

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